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Pennsylvania Elks Home Service Program
our mission To support and promote the independence of individuals with developmental disabilities, by providing advocacy services in their home environment.

what we do

A young girl with cerebral palsy smiles up from her wheelchair

Since 1963, the PA Elks Home Service Program has been helping to improve the quality of life for thousands of children and adults throughout Pennsylvania. We provide support and advocacy services to individuals of any age who have a developmental disability.

Last year, your nurses drove 332,117 miles and made 14,513 home service visits, helping families in every county in Pennsylvania.

Services are provided:

  • by a Nurse and/or Medical Care Coordinator
  • to Pennsylvania residents
  • in the person's home environment
  • without discrimination
  • at NO CHARGE

who we serve

A middle-aged, disabled woman sits in the sun on her patio

Any Pennsylvania resident with a developmental disability can request assistance or be referred to the PA Elks Home Service unit for the county where they live. A developmental disability is a disability that is manifested before the person reaches 22 years of age. It may result in physical or mental delays or in a combination of both. Services can continue throughout a personís lifetime if needed. Home Service Units are located throughout Pennsylvania.

your voices

"The Elks Nurse has been there to give us direction, guide us, allow us to make our own decisions, and be a friend. Being a parent of a child who isn't like other children isn't easy. She gives me hope and encourages me to be strong..."